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As someone who loves to travel, I’m well aware of the little struggles you can sometimes face with organization or comfort while in transit. Here are some products that have helped me get from point A to point B with a little more ease. I hope the traveler in your life will find them as useful as I do!

BONUS POINTS! Everything on this list is UNDER $100, including the luggage which is on sale!


  1. ALOHA BAGS – I’ve recommended these bags to everyone in my life… and now you! They’re wet/dry so you can protect your suitcase from a wet swimsuit or protect your phone from a sandy beach bag. They come in several sizes & patterns! I use these to organize my purse & suitcase as well.
  2. TOP TOTE – This gadget is AMAZING for anyone who travels with hats. It has a heavy-duty magnet that grabs on to the brim of any hat & you can hook the clasp right to your bag, so you’re hands-free while in transit! (Also great for your beach bag.)
  3. PORTABLE CHARGER – I’ve been saved by one of these little babies more times than I can count. Nothing is more stressful than running out of juice while in a new city whilst calling an Uber or finding directions to your hotel. Most likely will be used to just keep you entertained during a layover with endless Netflix & Instagram… but no judgment here.
  4. LIGHTWEIGHT SCARF – I never leave home without one because it’s the most versatile accessory ever. Can keep your neck cozy or use as a blanket while flying and can also double as a beach towel or sarong/coverup. Get a neutral color so it can go with any outfit! This one is a great price at $38.
  5. PORTABLE STEAMER – This one is mainly for the perfectionist traveler or the person who travels for business a lot. Not a necessity but it’s really really handy because I loathe ironing my clothes in hotel rooms. This could also be handy for a dorm room or small apartment!
  6. NECK PILLOW + EYE MASK – This set is PERFECT, it’s made of memory foam & the covers are removable & washable. The fabric is really soft and cozy and the set comes in a ton of color options – black, pink, mint, etc.
  7. PACKING CUBES – If you don’t already use them… please take this as your sign. They’re life-changing & will keep yous suitcase ultra-organized the entire trip. This is a set of 5 for $58 which I think is a great deal!
  8. SUNGLASS CHAIN – Love a sunglass chain so I can take my shades on & off without having the stress of setting them down and forgetting them. Also great for boat rides, zip-lining, hiking or collecting shells on the beach (my speed) without the stress of juggling your optics. Hands-free is my favorite way to be.
  9. LUGGAGE TAG + PASSPORT HOLDER SET – A nice way to identify your luggage as well as protect your passport. A nice little luxe gift to level up your travel swag.
  10. JOURNAL – To jot down any special memories or to have a place to save tickets, stickers or momentoes. I love how this one ties shut so it’s a little more secure & you can keep a pen inside as well.
  11. TRAVEL GUIDES – I think little travel guide books are such a fun way to get someone excited about a trip they have planned or motivate them to finally book the flight. Buy them a guide for a city you know they have the travel itch for!
  12. FRAGRANCE SET – One of the downsides of traveling especially flying is that everything needs to be under a certain weight & perfume bottles can be heavy. Travel fragrance sets are the perfect way to keep smelling good & also being able to possibly discover a new favorite scent. This one is from Madewell and is unisex!
  13. JEWELRY CASE – If you’ve ever traveled with jewelry this product will need no explaining. No. More. Tangled. Chains. I love this one specifically because it’s really compact & you can have it monogrammed, love personalized gifts.
  14. TRAVEL HAIR CARE – I do NOT get on with hotel shampoos & travel-sized professional products can feel like a splurge but your hair (or someone else’s) will thank you. This one even comes with a little bag & I live for all things Briogeo.
  15. CAMERA STRAP – Again, I want to be hands-free. I want my camera accessible but I don’t want to have to hold it. A strap also serves as a little security system, so it won’t get swiped off of a bench. I love how bright & fun this strap is, too!
  16. LUGGAGE – If you reallyyy love them you can splurge on a new piece of luggage or a set even. I found this one on sale for under $100 and it usually retails for $165! It’s a great brand & should last a lifetime.



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