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To kick off my 2019 Gift Guides I wanted to share “My Wish List”! These are some of the things that I asked Santa to bring me & it’s a list that I’ve never really shared in the past. However, I thought it could be helpful in the event you have a parental unit or loved one begging you to point them in the right direction.

First & foremost though, I want to preface ALL of these guides by saying that the titles are merely suggestions. There are so many items that I thought would be great for multiple people, but I had to organize them somehow.

Oh! Also, the collages in each post would be considered my “Top Picks”, you can click the little image of the item to shop directly. While the individually listed items at the bottom of the post are “extras” that I couldn’t help but include. I really want these posts to be helpful to you, so this way I can update the gift guides if I find new ideas, as well as giving you plenty of options!



  1. YSL PALM EARRINGS: I’m not someone who has to have every single designer item but these YSL Palm Tree Earrings are speaking my language. They’re definitely a little bit of a frivolous splurge but I just can’t help but love them.
  2. MINI BLACK BACKPACK: I’m so so bad at buying black bags because of how much I love tan suede, but now the few black options I do own have been worn to death. So I started looking for a style that was sleek but functional for travel & a mini backpack is ideal for me. For this particular Rebecca Minkoff bag, I really love the black hardware.
  3. SEQUIN TUNICI love sequins 365 days of the year but the holidays is a time I really fly this sparkly freak flag. Bonus points, it’s a long tunic that’s super roomy so you can shine & still be ultra-comfy! Pair with some waxed black jeans & you’re good to go! Also available in lime green (listed below).
  4. SEQUIN MAXI SKIRT: I wasn’t lying about loving sequins. The holidays are also a time for me to pick out a statement item or two that I may not think is super practical but makes my heart happy. You may feel like a sequin maxi skirt is a little bit of a bold look (totally agree) but this skirt is a really classic cut & I know I can reinvent this for years to come.
  5. SPLURGE SNEAKERSI’ve been adding to my collection of Golden Goose Sneakers for a little while now & although I know they’re a hot “blogger” item, I’ll be buying these shoes long after their 15 minutes of fame is up. Why? Because they are absolutely the most comfortable sneakers I own… hands down. I have small feet, which naturally means lower ankles & these are some of the only sneakers that don’t destroy my feet. They’re low profile as it is but also have a slight platform in the inserts that give you a little boost… which I will gladly take.
  6. RAINBOW RHINESTONE EARRINGS: I love rainbows, I love sparkly things (as stated twice already) & I love a bold jewelry item. These are a great price & super fun to give or receive, because how could these not make you feel happy?
  7. PUKA SHELL HAT: I wear hats all the time living in South Beach & I’m always on the hunt for styles with shell embellishments. I love the added texture the shells, while still being in the same color scheme as the hat itself. It’s also a steal at $55 so I can pretty much promise this will sell out. Never a bad time to grab the good summer items before everyone else does.
  8. NARS CHEEK PALETTEHoliday palettes that get me every single time. I love the summery sun-kissed colors of this particular one from Nars & I feel like it could be really versatile for all different skin tones. Most blushes fall short for me because of being tan (they look chalky) but the deeper coral shades are right up my alley. **Also has really great reviews on Sephora**
  9. CHUKKA VANS: I love Vans just as much as I love my expensive as hell Golden Goose Sneakers, even though some have betrayed me with insane blisters. These Chukka boots are so so cute & a little more cozy for fall if you’re in colder weather! Love the gold buckle against the soft stone suede, so damn good.
  10. FRESH BROWN SUGAR PERFUME (DAY): I like wearing vanilla-y warm scents during the day that land somewhere under $100. I can be more liberal with them & save my more expensive fragrances for the evening. This one is amazing & is a repurchase.
  11. SUNSET RIOT PERFUME (NIGHT): I would absolutely wear this during the day but it’s a little more of a woody floral so I like it for the night. Notes of pink pepper, orange flower & cedarwood make it the perfect mix of fresh & warm. Still under $100 & Nordstrom is currently offering a gift with purchase which is an All Saints logo tee & sample!
  12. MARSHALL SPEAKER: I’ve been wanting this speaker for our house for years but we never really had a place for it (small city living). Now that we’re in a larger home, I think the time is meow. It’s a pricey item but Marshall is known for crafting high-quality audio equipment so it should last a lifetime.
  13. CONCHSTELLATION: Get it? It’s a conch shell… with stars? Okay, okay you get it. I love this print because I am on the never-ending mission to decorate my house in art that is “beachy” without being a sign that says “Welcome to the beach” if you feel me? This embodies that oceanic vibe & I love it. It’s available on Gunn & Swain which is one of my favoriteee beach blanket brands (listed the two I have below).
  14. BLANKET LADDER: It’s random as hell but I want one… like, really bad. This one is also at a tolerable price and I love that it comes in this distressed white washed finish.

I’ve listed a few other items below that I’ve had my eyes on recently & even some I’ve already grabbed for myself (pillows & blanket) This is because I am a horrible & annoying human who still shops for herself during the holidays, oops.

I hope you got some good ideas & if you need help tracking something down just let me know! As always, sending lots of tropical vibes your way!

Xx – Rachael


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