maximalist goes minimal |style|

Summer of Diane Style Blogger Julia Szendrei Jewelry

I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to jewelry, I’m without a doubt a “more is more” kind of girl. With that being said, however, I was recently introduced to the jewelry brand Julia Szendrei and instantly fell in love with her seriously cool, yet minimal designs. Her hammered metals, textured finishes, & […]

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green, olive you so much |style|

Summer of Diane Boho Blogger Fall Green Styling

Green is one of my favorite colors to wear during the fall. Well, honestly, I love green all year round, but there is just something particularly cozy about it during the autumn months. The only shade of green I tend to steer clear of is bright kelly green, unless it happens to be St. Patricks […]

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falling for red |style|

I’m a self-proclaimed neutral lover. I could happily wear white, tan, gray, & denim [because that’s a neutral in my book] every single day of the year. However, I’ve recently noticed that there is an ever growing list of colors that are finding their way into my closet. Red is one of them. I used […]

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wrapped up in wrap pants |style|

Often times, when it comes to the basic structure of clothing, I think we can all agree that we believe we’ve kind of “seen it all.” I’m obviously a huge fan of style & fashion, and mean no disrespect to designers, but you know what I mean, right? I think it stems from the common […]

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tie-dye is still alive |style|

Summer of Diane Miami Blogger Boho Beach Style Gypsy 05

I think the primary reason I have such an affinity for tie-dye is the fact that I began experimenting with my personal style in the heart of the 90s. I can remember it like it was yesterday—I was an 11 year-old rebel without a cause and a total sponge for any and every grungy trend […]

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matcha tea in another matching set |style + rebellion|

For roughly the past year & a half I have heard so many people raving about matcha green tea, and to be perfectly honest, I’m typically the last one to the party when it comes to the latest & greatest in food trends. Maybe it’s because I’m extremely aware of the fact that I am […]

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my white + denim “uniform” |style|

If someone were to ask me: “If you could only wear one outfit variation for the rest of your life, what would it be?” I would unhesitatingly say a white top and denim. Yes, it’s painfully classic, but hear me out. The number of variables that can change the vibe of your look is nearly […]

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kaftan dreams for a wild island child |style|

The further I find myself down the rabbit hole that is bohemian beachwear, the more I encounter amazing brands who cater to coastal gypsies like myself. One of the brands that I’ve discovered—and now can’t get enough of—is Island Tribe. They’re a Miami-based company specializing in bohemian bridal gowns as well as stunning kaftans & […]

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