About Summer of Diane [aka Rachael]

 Summer of Diane

The Girl

My name is Rachael & I’m the pint-sized, fashion-loving, rebel behind the Miami-based style website Summer of Diane. I launched my site in 2015 after hanging up my hair stylist shears to become a full-time gypsy, having lived on all 3 coasts totaling 5 states over the past 5 years. I have finally settled my roots in Miami, but the constant change in life solidified my longstanding belief that it’s never too late to start a new adventure. Although I loved my time working in a salon, style, fashion & travel have always been my passion. I wanted a place to share inspiration, so Summer of Diane was born.

The Name

You might be asking yourself, “I thought your name was Rachael, so who is Diane?” Great question, I named my blog after my Godmother (“Mama Diane”). Unfortunately, she was taken from us after a hard fought battle with cancer. Despite only having her in my life for 13 years, she still managed to be one of the most influential humans I’ve ever known. As a graphic designer, she always encouraged my artistic & creative side. She was not only supportive, but so funny it hurt, so talented it felt unfair, & so loving that you could feel her presence from across a room. She reminds me every single day to push myself out of my comfort zone, to take risks, to be kind, and when all else fails, humor will get you through anything in this life. It is my hope that through me, Diane can inspire you as well.

The Season

Summer is everything to me & it always has been. To me, summer is the time of the year when I feel most myself. There’s nothing quite like hot sand, humid nights, long days, & deep tans. Summer also is a perfect representation of Miami’s constant state of being. I try to create content reminiscent of that special beach trip you once took, or motivate you to finally get around to taking the one you’ve been talking about for years. I strive to always send you tropical vibes & share with you a little piece of my endless summer.

XX – Rachael


[Picture of a picture by: Christine Michelle Photography]