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Before I move forward with my beach bag necessities, let me preface this by saying that all you really need to bring to the beach is a bikini and a smile. Even those basics, however, are optional at some seaside locations. Let me also just say that his is what I bring when I spend a day at “my” beach, South Beach. South Beach is one of those places that if you can find a place to park, you stay as long as you can. It’s also a coastal destination that has more to offer than just perfect water. If you tire from soaking up the sun, it’s nice to bring a few supplies that will take you from beach bum to brunch babe. So without further ado:Summer of Diane Briland Blu

One of the many lessons I have learned this past year as a new resident of Miami is that beach style is not an afterthought. Beach bags are more like resort style purses, bikinis are designer, & towels are Turkish. I have adopted this more luxurious beach style & I will never go back. When you spend 12 months out of the year in the the sun, it’s only logical that beachwear become an extension of your personal style. One of my favorite discoveries is Briland Blu Turkish towels. The company is based out of Miami, so it was impossible for me not to fall in love with these gorgeous colors & bohemian designs. I have always been drawn to this style of towel but I had no idea how silky soft & incredibly absorbent they were. If I’m beaching it solo, then I’ll just carry my standard size tie-dyed towel. If I have company, I’ll also bring my over-sized towel, which is almost the size of a double bed. Both towels are made from a lightweight cotton so I am obsessed with how easy they are to roll up in my bag—no bulky beach towels to lug around for this girl. [Use code “summerofdiane” at checkout for 15% off, too! Both towels are linked below. #noragrets] BRILAND BLU 011 Briland Blu Towels – Grey [Musha Kay] + Aqua [Breeze]


Billabong Beach Bag | Ray Ban AviatorsAncient Greek Sandals | Roxy Cover Up

Okay, so here’s the rundown. I typically bring an oversized beach bag and a small makeup bag. In my main bag I throw all my larger products, towels, & the makeup bag. The makeup bag multitasks as a clutch when I want to grab a bite to eat or do a little retail therapy. Try & find a makeup bag that’s made out of an H2O-friendly material. I also suggest trying to find as many of these items in a handy travel size, besides sunscreen. You don’t want to weigh your tote down & this also allows your bag the dual purpose of serving as storage for these items when you get home. That way you don’t have to repack your bag every time you venture to the ocean; just grab and go!

1. Baby Powder (product I failed to photograph, awesome) –  This wonderful fluffy substance isn’t just great for freshening up, it’s also a miracle worker for sand removal. Sprinkle it over any stubborn sand and brush all your worries away. No, really; try it!

2. Sunscreen – I like to bring a spray & a lotion. Sun Bum is based right here in Florida & smells like a tropical dream.

3. Body Oil – I use this after I freshen up to help replace the moisture that the sun & salt water has sucked out of my skin. This one from Pacifica is a roll on oil! Yes, please & thank you.

4. Dry Shampoo + UV Hair Cream – Dry shampoo can help give your hair some texture & this one by Amika is essentially hair perfume because it smells so ridiculously good. UV protection is essential for all of my ladies out there who color their hair. You spend a lot of money & time in the salon so don’t let a coastal vacation destroy your investment.


My makeup bag holds all the items that help me feel like I can face the world again. There is no shame in my beach babe game but I also want to make sure that I’m not shopping or dining with mascara running down my face.

1. BB Cream – I use this to brighten up my under eye area & cover up any blemishes. I don’t like to apply it all over my face, and I prefer a BB Cream to a typical concealer because it has a more natural finish & usually contains an SPF.

2. Brow Pencil + Mascara – Brows & lashes are everything to me, so I don’t neglect them. End of story.

3. Contact Solution – If you wear contacts & you’ve ever had dry eye hit you at the beach, then you just know. I’ve seriously considered hitting myself in the face before just to make my eyes water.

4. Perfume Samples or Roller Ball – Best use for those perfume samples rolling around in your bathroom drawers. My go-to scents are Mac – Turquatic or Jo Malone – Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

5. Hand Sanitizer + Cuticle Oil – I always carry these two things in my purse & my beach bag is no exception. Essentials for keeping your hands in check.

6. Hair Ties + Bobby Pins – These hair elastics are from “By Lilla” & are definitely a step above the rest. I would categorize them as gorgeous bracelets that you can conveniently pull your hair back with.

7. Lip Balm with an SPF – ’cause, you know.


By Lilla Hair Elastics – my set is called “Hey Mr. Tambourine Man” | Sun Bum Lip Balm [fave flavor is coconut]

Hope you found something new & picked up a tip or two! Remember salt water cures everything, so get to the ocean & soak up all of it’s glory. Happy beaching, y’all!

XX – Rachael

Summer of Diane Briland Blu 2

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