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Over the last 10 years [or more] I have started to recognize styles, colors, textures, designs, etc. in fashion that go far beyond a trend for me, which I assume is the case for all humans. My style is constantly evolving but these are the things I will never stop loving no matter the season or my age. They represent my style extremely well & to wear them makes me feel complete.

Neon. Geometric patterns. Badass bracelets & any/everything tropical.

Coincidentally this embodies the brand La Luna Rose…

 IMG_0236          IMG_0234

I was first introduced to Rosie of La Luna Rose when I saw a collab that she did which was a collection of beaded bracelet designs that were inspired by fruit. How effing awesome?! I was so in love & had been lusting over her pieces for a few weeks when she did an Instagram giveaway… & I won. What?! I’ve never won a thing in my life outside of some questionable casino charades.

These are the items I could NOT live without & I’m not sure how you’re surviving without them, either…

FullSizeRender          IMG_0231

The best part for me is that I can wear them & feel like they are honest representations of my style. I am a free spirited, wild-at-heart being & it makes my soul happy to have quality jewelry that still speaks true to who I am. I want something that’s beautiful but still a little edgy. I look for quality products but I still want rad designs & funky colors. 

      IMG_0243          IMG_0226

 I hope you check out Rosie’s gorgeous designs & have linked all her info below, as well as links for my pieces I showed. I love spreading the word about products that live up to my expectations, if not exceed & La Luna Rose falls into that category marvelously.

XX – Rachael Diane


Instagram @lalunarosedesigns

Resin Rock Bracelet in “Blue” – here!

Sundown Sandy Beaded Bracelet in “Blue” – here!

Summer Soaker Bracelet (tassel + charm) in “Pink + Coral” – here!

Summer Soaker Bracelet (tassel + beads) in “Purple + Yellow” – here!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous La Luna Rose pieces, you wear them to perfection! Keep enjoying and live a life in colour! xxxx

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