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This past Friday I was invited to attend an exclusive dream-worthy rooftop beauty brunch along with 9 other Miami bloggers. It was hosted by the Parisian skincare company, Nuxe Paris. I’m not going to play coy… I knew very little about Nuxe before this event. However, the more I learned, the more I truly fell in love with this innovative brand.


The brunch was held on the rooftop of Gale Hotel in South Beach. We were greeted by a sharp dressed man with a tray full of mimosas. Naturally, I inquired about whether or not they rent the couches out by the month so I could make their rooftop my permanent residence. There wasn’t a detail overlooked that morning. The atmosphere that was designed by The Creatives Loft was so breathtakingly beautiful. It was a flawless representation of the luxury that is, Nuxe Paris. From the lush rose filled buckets to the perfectly Parisian menu. Not only was the setting unrivaled but I also had the privilege of meeting so many gorgeous, creative, & inspiring women. Being the newbie that I am to the blogging community, I was honored to be accepted with such open arms & positive energy. 



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A little bit of background on Nuxe is necessary because let’s be honest, research is fun. In 1990, Aliza Jabès discovered Nuxe, a small skincare laboratory that in the heart of Paris combined Nature & Luxury—see what they did there? As a wife, mother, & entrepreneur she knew she was looking for natural & effective products that weren’t overly complicated. That’s how Nuxe’s star product was born,  Huile Prodigieuse, which is a 3-in-1 oil for face, body, & hair. One of these little bottles of heaven is sold internationally every 5 seconds, so all those women (& men) can’t be wrong, right? I can’t praise a company enough that understands quality skincare without turning it into a painfully intricate skin care regimen.


Let’s be real, I kissed my flawless skin goodbye at the age of 6 months. Having sensitive but oily skin has been a blessing & a curse. A curse for all the obvious reasons, but a blessing because although I never had the privilege of sleeping in my makeup or scrubbing down my face with a run of the mill bar of soap, it did make me very aware of the importance of skin care at a young age. I’ve also worked at several spas as a hair stylist. I feel like being surrounded by high-end skincare has given me an understanding of the importance in investing in the products you use. You only get one face, and wearing a ski mask in Miami is frowned upon as well as a deadly combination with the tropical climate. 

So, here’s my first impression (love at first sight) roundup…

  • Rose Micellar Cleansing Water  – a makeup remover, cleanser & toner in one. Smells amazing & leaves skin feeling clean but not tight.
  • Nuxellence Detox – a super concentrated detoxing night cream. This one has become my overnight favorite, used once & saw a freshness in my skin the next morning.

NUXE product images 059

  • Creme fraiche de beaute – a 24 hour moisturizer that smells like orange blossoms so it pulls at my heart strings & my love of Florida.
  • Reve de miel  – a grapefruit infused lip balm that doesn’t change the finish of your lip products. So for all those matte lip lovers, this is the lip treatment for you.
  • Creme Prodigieuse – an eye creme packed with plant oils & vitamin E, which fights puffiness & dark circles from those weekend benders we all may or may not have partaken in. Or maybe you’re a mom who sleeps standing up because life is hard but you don’t want the bags under your eyes blowing your cover.

NUXE product images 060

I may or may not have saved “the best for last,” but like I mentioned before, I looove oils. I loathe the feeling of dry skin with every ounce of my being. Day or night, I lather on butters, creams & above all, oils. This oil smells like orange blossoms by the ocean—it nearly made me tear up with joy. It’s a dry oil so you won’t feel greasy & doesn’t linger on your hands after you apply (just a heads up for anyone who is on the fence about oils).

  • Huile Prodigieuse – the original dry oil made of 6 precious botanical oils & is preservative, paraben & silicone free. Made up of 96% natural ingredients.
  • Huile Prodigieuse Or – same formula as the original oil but it has gold shimmery glitter floating throughout. This oil is beyond gorgeous & adds a soft glow to your skin. It’s a must for the beach or pool.

[These oils come in a small 1.6 oz & larger 3.3 oz bottle. The smaller bottle is a “splash” bottle while the larger one has a fine mist spray: just a purchasing tip.]

NUXE product images 043NUXE product images 054

I hope you visit the Nuxe website & do a little exploring. I am so happy that my world was opened up to such a lavish & natural brand.  I know I will be a Nuxe girl for life because I find it impossible not to believe in the power of nature.

Thank you for letting me take you through my morning with Nuxe Paris!

XX – Rachael

For anyone who is based in the southern Florida/Miami area and is looking for an amazing photographer & event planner that will make every last one of your dreams come true, please use the links below for contact information.

Event photography – Christine Michelle Photography

Event planner – Adriana Castro at The Creatives Loft


  1. Agh this post is gorgeous!!! I brought three of the products with me on my trip and I am lovingggg them too!

  2. rachelyarmosh

    What a beautiful brunch! I loved your take of the day Rach, I felt like I was there. Your writing is as rich as that Miami tan. And as a facial oil aficionado myself, I must try one of these. If I had to pick one product, what do you recommend? Your favorite NY (soon to be LA) fan, Rach

    • Ahh, thank you so much, Rach!!! I absolutely love the Huile Prodigieuse 😍 it’s really amazing for the face, body & hair but I am soo in love for the Detox night cream/serum for the face, too. It’s unlike anything else I’ve used… Thank you so much for your support sweet girl! And I’m your number one Miami fan! 💕xox

  3. rachelyarmosh

    Not sure if my other comment posted, it might be in the pending queu but just wanted to say I loved this post so much! It’s beautifully written and I felt like I was at brunch with you! As an skin and facial oil aficionado myself, which do you recommend most if I was to try one thing? Loved your outfit, hair, and accessories. You’re adorable! Xo, Your biggest NY (soon to be LA) fan! – Miss Yarmosh

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