a weekend at the miami beach edition |staycation|

I had the pleasure of taking part in a little staycation at The Miami Beach Edition and although I didn’t leave my city, it was an amazing escape. There is just something about breaking your everyday routines & treating yourself to some seaside cocktails that can recharge your soul. This time of year is awesome for that. I’m not necessarily a “new year, new me” kind of girl, but I do love a fresh start. Miami is an amazing place to visit in January or February, so keep it on your radar if you’re thinking about a sneaky little vacation.

I loved soaking up all the amenities of The Miami Beach Edition and was begging the concierge to let me move in by the end of my weekend there. The resort has the most perfect tropical yet minimalist design I have ever seen. A mix of crisp white & warm organic tones create a fresh yet serene ambiance. There is also a distinct scent that lightly fills the air which transforms these vast white rooms into cozy, inviting spaces. I later discovered that the scent was created by Le Labo Fragrances exclusively for the hotel, which may or may not have led to me stashing away every baby sized bottle of the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, & lotion that I could get my hands on. I love Le Labo & am not above hoarding complimentary toiletries if the opportunity presents itself.

While we sashayed back & forth between the pools and the beach, thirst & hunger inevitably struck. I love outdoor bars and cafes, so I was on a mission to eat at Tropicale, the Edition’s poolside eatery. All I will say is the food & cocktails did not disappoint. You just cant’t go wrong with incredibly fresh food and generous amounts of tequila. I strongly suggest trying the tuna tartare & sweet pea guacamole; it’s a 10 out of 10. We also spent some time “people watching” in The Matador Bar while sipping cocktails. If you’re ever there, you have to order a Mexican Bull. You’re welcome in advance.

Every day I spent at The Miami Beach Edition I fell in love with the resort more & more. I am extremely lucky to live in a city with so many fabulous hotels, but I can safely say that this one stands out as one of my favorites. From the hidden hammocks & ping pong table we stumbled upon to the incredibly friendly staff, this resort hasn’t skipped a beat. They aren’t just providing a place to crash at the end of your crazy night in Miami, but they are creating an experience that you surely won’t forget. I hope this encourages you to book that vacation you deserve. Also, if you just so happen to be visiting Miami, then you must at least consider checking out The Miami Beach Edition for drinks and/or dinner. As always, sending lots of tropical vibes your way!

P.S. If anyone from The Edition Hotels is reading this, I would love to be on a swimming pool quality control team. You can pay me in Tuna Tartare & Stella Artois. Call me.

XX – Rachael






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