12 days of summer – day 4 |shopping|

Day 4 of ’12 Days of Summer’ includes one of my favorite Miami-based brands, Briland Blu! This company is the creation of the Florida Keys native, Christina Covert. Her brand Briland Blu is inspired by the Caribbean waters of the Bahamas & her love of the sea. Her selection of towels is a perfect representation of her inspiration with their vibrant colors in soft tie-dyed patterns.

I know what you may be thinking, “Rachael, not everyone lives at the beach & not everyone needs 20 beach towels.” Well, first of all, I respectfully disagree. Even if you live in Kansas, I believe you could stand to benefit from a collection of nice beach towels in your life. Second, although these are my favorite go-to beach towels, they can be used for whatever your little heart desires! They’re super soft & absorbent, so they’re a great option to use as bath towels. They’re a chic alternative to traditional towels & can elevate the design of your bathroom. Last but not least, they’re also a great option for a throw blanket. I know it may seem kind of random, but one of these striped beauties draped over the back of a chair or couch is a perfect way to incorporate some texture and/or color into your living room space.

Briland Blu towels would obviously be a great gift idea for any river, lake, beach, or water lovers in your life. Additionally, they’re perfect for anyone who just bought a new home, moved off to college, etc. A towel may not be most common Christmas gift, but these are so gorgeous & functional that I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love a Briland Blu towel this year, or two, or three…

[Breeze pictured above.]

  Top/bottom: Breeze | Mystic | Gumelemi | Poinciana | Tides | Landing | Bay | Harbour

Happy exploring & shopping, until tomorrow!

XX – Rachael

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