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This past month I was fortunate enough to attend Miami Swim Week. If you’re not familiar with this event, it can be summed up as a week of runway shows, parties, events, trade shows, limited sleep, networking, models, endless Uber rides, bikinis, & babes. It’s the best. Before the madness commenced, however, I had to search for a week’s worth of outfits. I wanted pieces that would make a statement, but wouldn’t put me at risk of suffering a heat stroke. Some of the runway shows were on rooftops, others were poolside, and a few were both. As a Miami resident and lifetime southerner, I am all too familiar with what can happen when you don’t dress accordingly for the heat. In fact, never have I ever attended an event in Miami and thought “Hmm, I’m kind of cold, I wish I would have worn sleeves.” So, for me, my search for Swim Week apparel was all about light fabrics & lots of skin.

SummerofDianeMiamiFashionBlogPhotographyBloggerPhotographerWynwoodStreetStyle-21[1]Free People Roestta Dress |         [available in 4 colors]

SummerofDianeMiamiFashionBlogPhotographyBloggerPhotographerWynwoodStreetStyle-15[1] | LJC Designs Cowrie Shell Clutch | [available in several colors]



SummerofDianeMiamiFashionBlogPhotographyBloggerPhotographerWynwoodStreetStyle-51[1]Free People Neverland Headband |

SummerofDianeMiamiFashionBlogPhotographyBloggerPhotographerWynwoodStreetStyle-40[1]Steve Madden Carrson Heel |

Given that I’m only 4’11”, another all-to-familiar consideration for me is the art of dressing a miniature body. That is why one of the many reasons I fell in love with this dress was how adjustable it was. The dress includes two main straps that start at the bust line, run over the shoulders, crisscross in the back, & then tie however you like to keep it all in place. Another unique feature is that nothing is sewn to the straps. This allows you to position or slide the fabric however you’d like based on your body type for a more revealing or covering look. It’s versatility is what makes this dress such a flattering choice for so many people of all different shapes and sizes. I opted to pair it with my newfound favorite cowrie shell-covered clutch by LJC Designs. This clutch was a must not only for its island vibes, but for its practicality as well. I had enough room in my clutch for all the standard items you would find in one’s purse + a pair of flats, portable phone charger, & about 200 business cards. If you ever attend Swim Week, you will understand why all those seemingly random items are actually necessities. I finished off the look with with a spiked headband, braids, & some of my favorite silver jewelry pieces.

Thanks for letting me share my first Swim Week outfit with you—stay tuned for the others in the coming weeks! I’m also working on a roundup of all the bikinis, brands, accessories, & clothing that I fell in love with. If you’re thinking, “Swim Week has been over for weeks so isn’t this old news?” don’t worry; most of the collections that were featured won’t become available for purchase until Spring of 2017. As always, sending lots of tropical vibes your way, until next time!

XX – Rachael

Photography: Christine Michelle Photography







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