Summer of Diane - Graphic Tees Under $50

Graphic Tees Under $50

It’s no secret that I have an extensive and rather embarrassingly large collection of graphic tees. However, 99% of them are no longer available so I wanted to do a little roundup of ones that are in my cart & are currently in stock for you to grab!

Hamptons Map Dusty Pink Boyfriend Tee

I love a map moment & this one would be so cute tucked into some denim shorts and styled with platform raffia sandals or sneakers.

*Also, this brand, Girl Dangerous, is one of my top 3 graphic brands so click through and explore their site*

AE Oversized Pink Floyd Graphic Tee

Pink has been one of my most worn colors this summer so this pink lemonade palette is really speaking to me. The faded graphic is also 10/10.

Pink Floyd London Tour Baby

Ugh, this one is so good. I love the baby tee and intricate art work. It reminds me of a vintage champagne poster & I’m here for it.

Forever Chasing Oversize Graphic T-Shirt

IMO you can never have too many oversized graphic tees and this one is the perfect little retro vibe. Great color palette and vintage inspired graphic.

Ford Bronco Sunset Tee

This makes me want to book a trip to Hawaii and rent a vintage Bronco. However, if you’d like to save roughly $4k, just stay home and buy this little cap sleeved muscle tank.

What a Day Oversize Graphic T-Shirt

The next two are admittedly similar but this one is for my beach girls and the one below is for my Sublime girls. We need options, amirite?!

AE Oversized Sublime Graphic Tee

I’m pretty sure Sublime changed my brain chemically in the 90s so I will never not buy a Sublime tee.

Pink Floyd Tour Poster T-Shirt Dress

This one is such a good find because typically t-shirt dresses are a little more expensive than a standard tee but this one is still under $50 & I love the colors… not to mention we Stan Pink Floyd forever and always.

Desert Tour White Moto Tee

As someone who lives in Miami Beach, tanks are a way of life to beat the heat and I love the desert vibes with this little boxy tank.

Junk Food Hawaii State Flower Tee

Not one to wear black very often but I love this design and vintage tourist tee vibe. Are we seeing a pattern with the tourist style tees? Yes, yes we are. I love them.

The Bureau Palm Tree Baby Tee

If you’re not into places, bands or freely advertising for a clothing brand, this logo & word free tee is perfect for you! Love the tropical flora & placement.

AE Oversized Rolling Stones Graphic Tee

Cute, playful and a great muted palette.

Enough said.

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