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Neutral Throw Pillows | Bungalow Style

I always have a browser tab open on my computer for throw pillows, blankets & small textiles. I love the quick refresh they can give to your living space & even though they’re a small detail they can make a big impact. I’m also well aware that they can be one of those sneaky expensive items that leave your head scratching like, “Why? For a 20 inch square of fabric?”. Says, the girl who also wholeheartedly defends her St. Frank Terracotta Kuba Cloth Pillow *she’s iconic and worth every penny*. However, we live in our home & some pillows need a refresh sooner rather than later so I was stoked to find a treasure trove of gorgeous, textured pillows at H&M that are all under $40! To me they read very luxe because of the tufting, tassels, quilting & modern yet organic designs. Tap below to shop!

Xx – Rachael

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