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Aloha! I recently shared a list of my favorite workout clothes & accessories on my Instagram but wanted to create a more informative list here for anyone that loves extra info or might be on the fence about a specific item. Just as an FYI my exercise of choice is running (short distances) and walking (long distances) out in the elements down here in sunny & sweltering South Beach, Miami, so my favorites reflect my environment! You know just in case you’re wondering why the hell I have bikini tops listed. Anywho, you can click on any of the images below to shop! xx

Hands down my go-to running shoes. I’ve purchased 3 or 4 pairs of this style and I rarely stray because they’re supportive with lots of cushion while still being lightweight. They’re a little spendy but worth every penny IMO. Just a little FYI, I size up a 1/2 size ONLY because I like my running shoes a little roomy but they run true to size!

I don’t run in these but they make great walking shoes. They’re really “fluffy” to me and are extremely comfortable. A great option If you want a shoe that’s not full on Sporty Spice but you don’t want to sacrifice your feet for fashion. Stellar for exploring a new city, too. I wear a 5.5 in these and they run true to size.

Available in 30+ colors & a warm weather MUST for me. They have an “underwear” style lining so I usually tuck the bottom of the shorts up & roll the waistband down to prevent crazy tanlines. The fabric is super breathable and they’re the perfect bottoms to keep me from overheating. They fit true to size, I wear an XS.

The bike short to beat all bike shorts. INSANELY stretchy… so much so that I wore the XS/S all the way to the very end of my pregnancy. They’re nice and short so one of the only styles I can wear year round in the Miami heat. Come in 24+ colors.

The perfect simple sports bra and has great support so this was my bra of choice during my pregnancy when I actually had boobs. I wear an XS and it runs TTS. No padding or wire but it is double lined so it feels nice and thick.

Okay, hear me out. I have a very small chest and I loathe chaotic tanlines so I can get away with wearing teeny tiny bikini tops instead of sports bras. Also… one word, Miami. Not a single person cares if you flop down the boardwalk half naked, shit, it’s celebrated here. Skatie makes some of the BEST micro tops and I wear an XS.

Love this tank on days when I don’t want to just wear a bra and the entire “Good Karma” collection is KILLER. No padding but the criss cross straps in the back make it a little more supportive and the ribbed detail at the bottom is super flattering. I wear an XS/S.

No words. Best. High. Neck. Tank. Ever. I said what I said. Super stretchy and flattering with the ribbed fabric. I don’t wear a bra with this tank and it runs true to size. It’s available in over 40 colors and I wish I had them all.

Okay, funny story I stole a pair of these from my father-in-law years ago and always joked that they said “no nonsense” on the toe. Like, what. Fast forward to now and jokes on me… they’re my favorite. Affordable and lots of cushion make them a win win. I wear both the mini crew & the ankle style, just depends on the vibe I’m going for.

Hands free is the way to be and this is my favorite hip bag. Just big enough for your phone, cash, lip balm and keys. It’s also made of splash proof fabric so it’s great for keeping sweat away from your goods.

I love these sunglasses for working out specifically because, 1) they’re really lightweight so when I’m running they don’t bounce around or slide down my nose and 2) they’re affordable so I don’t care about sweating all over them and throwing them in my hip bag.

As a hairstylist I’m naturally an advocate for investing in nice hair accessories when our locks are being pulled on & whipped around during exercise. The styling is obviously up to personal preference but no matter how you wear it just make sure your ties, bands & clips aren’t wreaking havoc on your mane, bestie! I love these big rubberized clips because they stay in place so well and for ties and headbands I like soft/silky materials.

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