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I know that this time of year can be a struggle for some of us. The holiday high is over and now it’s just cold… cold for no reason, cold. Subsequently, I know that vacations and tropical getaways are now in the front of everyone’s mind. That is why I thought I’d do you all a solid and share a list of my beach bag essentials! As someone who lives at the beach, these are the ride-or-die items that I always keep in my beach bag. It also serves as my travel checklist for when I’m packing for vacation! Whether you’re sitting by the ocean or lounging by a pool, if you use this list as a packing guide, you’ll be good to go!

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  1. Body Oil: My favorite body oil at the moment is Baja Zen – Coco Glow. Smells like a piña colada & is ultra hydrating.
  2. Facial sunscreen: I have really sensitive, break-out prone skin so it’s important for me to have a sunscreen that is formulated for your face! Coola makes great skincare and I love their White Tea – Classic Face Sport.
  3. Perfume: Pirette Fragrance Oil My go-to scent of life, I love that this potent fragrance oil comes in a convenient rollerball bottle & is perfect for preventing you from smelling like a bottle of chlorine or a ball of seaweed. Use code: SUMMEROFDIANE for 25% off, scooooore. 
  4. Lip Product: Kopari Lip Glossy is my go-go because it’s the perfect amount of shine & moisture with none of the sticky mess. 10/10 would recommend both the clear or pink options!
  5. Facial Mist or Toner: I love a facial mist, toner, or hydrating spray. They’re great for cooling you off & will also give your face a little moisture boost if the outdoor elements are causing dryness. One of my favorites: Kopari Coconut Rose Toner
  6.  Oil Pulling Packets or Crest Whitestrips: OMG, I promise this is not sponsored by Kopari… they just have great products for hydration. Love catching up on teeth whitening or some oral hygiene when I’m relaxing by the beach, it makes me feel v productive. Kopari Coconut Oil Pulling Packets
  7. Travel Size Leave-In Conditioner or Light Gel: Two great products to use on their own or even mixed together. I like bringing a light gel or leave-in conditioner to help tame my mane and to put a little moisture back in my locks. Products I love to take with me: IGK Rich Kid Gel & IGK Mistress Leave in Conditioner
  8. Hair Accessories: I could never take a trip to the beach without something to keep my hair out of my face and these items are always in my rotation: Madewell Bandana / Madewell Clip / By Lilla Hair Ties [Use code: SUMMEROFDIANE for 20% off.
  9. Statement Jewelry: I always recommend keeping a fun necklace or pair of bold earrings on hand to spice up any bikini or to elevate your coverup for dinner & drinks, post sunning session. Gold Shell Necklace / Gold Cowrie Bracelet / Tan Cowrie Necklace [sold out but avail. in black]
  10. Sunglasses: Whether you want to pack your nicest shades or a pair of affordable sunnies, just make sure you keep in mind traveling & sand can wreck lenses, so proceed with caution!
  11. Portable Phone Charger: We can all admit to being dependent on our phones for directions, restaurant scouting, music, or photos so make sure you don’t run out of juice. Pro tip: Don’t forget to charge your portable charger like I always do.
  12. Wet/Dry Bags: Whether your protecting your phone, wallet, or camera from sand & water or you’re protecting the content of your bag from a wet bikini, these bags are vital to beach survival. Aloha CollectionSMALL / MEDIUM / LARGE
  13. Sarong/Scarf: This will be your best beach friend. A multi-purpose wonder that can turn into a shirt, skirt, kimono, towel, head wrap, etc. Striped Peach Sarong / Aqua Sarong
  14. A Hat: Whether you think bigger is better for hats just keep in mind you may have to carry a wide-brimmed hat around so you may want to opt for a smaller style. Wide Brim Straw Hat / White Newsboy Cap
  15. Beach Bag: I always gravitate towards either a large woven tote bag big enough to hold my massive hats or a backpack that can double as a carry-on while traveling. Beach People Macrame Bag / Clhei Leather Backpack.

Bonus Items!

  1. Earbuds/Portable Speaker: Depending on where I’m lounging I always want to be able to enjoy music, so earbuds for discreet jamming or a speaker for a beach dance party.
  2. Travel Size Baby Powder: This is your sand fighting knight in shining armor. Just shake a little powder over sandy feet and wipe away all signs of the beach.
  3. Instant Camera: I love creating tangible memories on vacation so instant photos are a great way to create your own souvenirs! Camera featured in YT video.


Some items are also listed here for easy scrolling, xx!


I hope this list serves you well and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! As always, sending lots of tropical vibes your way!

Xx – Rachael



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