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12 days of summer: white elephant $15 or less! |holiday gift guide|

Today is Day 2 of 12 Days of Summer and I’ll be covering White Elephant/Yankee Swap (or just last minute) gifts of $15 or less! I will also be making lists of $25 and $50 or less, so don’t worry—I got you fam! Whenever I hear “White Elephant,” I always think of really ridiculous and tacky gag gifts. Although those are undeniably fun, I tried to find some gems that were a little more chic and useful. I’m not in the business of giving gifts that people want to throw in the trash once the party is over, but I still wanted to keep it quirky. Again, don’t feel limited by the name of this list, these gifts are super rad for any special person on your list!

Oh, and just in case you’re not familiar with the White Elephant game, you can click HERE to read the rules.

Summer of Diane 12 Days of Summer Holiday Gift Guides 2018


Simply scroll through the images below + just click to shop!

I feel like I’ll be adding more to this list because this is a really fun category to shop for so feel free to check back! I hope you found something cool and/or quirky, and as always, sending lots of tropical (Holiday) vibes your way!

Xx – Rachael

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