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Summer of Diane Boho Style Blogger Billabong

One of my goals for the New Year is to post on my blog more frequently. This is something I struggle with because although I may have content to share, I don’t always have a topic I want to write about. BUT this is the third week of the month and I still haven’t fallen off the bandwagon yet, so gold star for me! [After typing that out, I just realized that I adorned every image of this post in… gold stars. My apologies for the unintentional pun]. Anyway, I thought for future posts that if I have a particular outfit I’d like to post, but may be stumbling to find the right words or an interesting talking point, I will just share 3 (my favorite number) relevant or random thoughts.

Summer of Diane Boho Style Blogger Billabong

Summer of Diane Boho Style Blogger Billabong

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Three Relevant-or-Random Thoughts

  1. I’m in love with these paper boy hats… like every other style blogger on earth, but this unique golden color is my favorite because it’s going to be sooo cute in the summer. Can I also be the one to inform you that this EXACT hat is on sale for less that $11 – linked above! It’s beautifully constructed so this is a really insane deal. Also, my husband says I look like Fievel from ‘An American Tail’ but the joke’s on him, that’s the best compliment I’ve ever received. **Starts belting ‘Somewhere Out There’**
  2. This oversized sweatshirt has been a go-to for me this winter. It’s unbelievably comfortable, but the fabric drapes really nicely so it doesn’t look like you’re rocking your pajamas or gym clothes—zero shade.
  3. I hate when my socks show. No, I take that back… I loathe it. Hence why I only force myself to wear them when I’m in cold climates. Something I hate more than socks is being cold so I understand that sometimes they’re a necessary evil. Le sigh. Shop my favorite no-show socks in the “Shop My Style” section above.

As always, sending lots of tropical vibes your way!

Xx – Rachael

Summer of Diane Boho Style Blogger Billabong

Summer of Diane Boho Style Blogger Billabong

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