matcha tea in another matching set |style + rebellion|

For roughly the past year & a half I have heard so many people raving about matcha green tea, and to be perfectly honest, I’m typically the last one to the party when it comes to the latest & greatest in food trends. Maybe it’s because I’m extremely aware of the fact that I am powerless against tasty treats or because I like to wait and see which foods hang around after the initial hype has passed. Either way I am here to report that all the buzz & fuss around matcha tea is totally justified. You’re probably thinking, “Yea, we know, Rachael… duh,” so I won’t pretend to be some newfound matcha connoisseur. However, I am here to tell you that if you ever find yourself in Miami, you have to stop by Yōko Matcha.

Yōko Matcha is located in the Wynwood area inside of The Wynwood Yard & it is the most magical little pastel aqua & pink food truck I have ever laid my eyes on. Yōko Matcha was founded by two badass boss babes who, after living & traveling all over the globe, found themselves in Miami and decided to offer a fusion of Japanese & Latin flavors to the Magic City. My favorite items are the ‘Matcha Coco’ – matcha with iced coconut milk, ‘Matcha Brigadeiro’ – sweet little bite of matcha, condensed milk & coconut, & ‘Matcha Alfajor’ – matcha cookie sandwich filled with Dulce de Leche [all of which are pictured below]. For all of their drinks & bites, I’ll link their menu here. If you’re unable to visit Yōko Matcha in person, don’t be sad because you’re in luck; they sell their ceremonial & premium grade matcha tea on their website!

If you’re like me & haven’t jumped on the matcha bandwagon, I highly suggest you consider giving it a try. If you’re in Miami & looking for some delicious & healthy treats, go show Yōko Matcha in The Wynwood Yard some love! As always, sending lots of tropical vibes your way!

Xx – Rachael

[Photography + partner in crime: Christine Michelle Photography]

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3 thoughts on “matcha tea in another matching set |style + rebellion|

    1. Ah! Yes, yes, I forgot that! So much better than the $1 coffee. You have to try them out! And The Wynwood Yard is soo cute!


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