12 days of summer – day 8 |shopping|

Day 8 of ’12 Days of Summer’ is all about eyewear. One of my all-time favorite sunglass companies just so happens to be based in one of my all-time favorite cities. The city is none other than New Orleans & the company is KREWE. Although it’s possible that you may have seen KREWE being worn by such celebs as Gigi Hadid & Beyoncé, I still consider them a “small” business. They are most definitely skyrocketing into the world of sought after sunnies & I couldn’t be happier that this NOLA brand is receiving so much love.

KREWE was founded in 2013 by a New Orleans Native, these sunglasses are a beautiful representation of the soulful city that inspires them. Every style has been given a name that represents a piece of the Crescent City, such as LGD, The Fly, CL-10, etc. If you aren’t familiar with NOLA, you may be a little lost, but that’s OK! One thing you won’t be confused about though is just how incredibly crafted and well-designed these sunglasses are.  I’ve been wearing a pair of “Charles in Matte Black Oyster” for going on 3 years now & they have become a staple in my personal style. The “St. Louis” are most likely their most popular pair, but take a look below at some of my favorite frames & colorways.

[If you like a certain frame but want a different color, check out their website as they have a wide selection of finishes for each frame.]

| St. Louis – Matte Black | L.G.D. – Black | Toulouse – Black + CrystalWard –  24K Titanium |

| Orleans – Rose Gold Titanium | CL-10 – Tupelo 24K | St. Louis – White Linen | Octavia – Champagne 24K |

Happy exploring & shopping, until tomorrow!

XX – Rachael

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