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If you happen to have read my last DIY post on how I created this marvelous jacket, then you’d know that patches are wildly popular right now in fashion. I’m a fan of any & all forms of personalizing your clothing & patches are no exception. I think they’re such a cool way to take your personal style a step further & allow you to show off even more of your personality or interests by way of your wardrobe.


For this jacket, I used both patches that I found aesthetically pleasing or funny as well as a couple that I had acquired over the years from some of my favorite places. In fact, I’ve had the Cape Cod and Key West patches since I was a kid. They were souvenirs from vacations I took with my parents, roughly 200 years ago. It’s merely a coincidence that I now live practically next door to Key West & my mom has since moved to the Cape—funny how things come full circle. Some of my patches include, a small alligator on my shoulder to represent my favorite animal of all time & my undying love for the swamp, and a spiked skull for my favorite city under the sun, New Orleans. Okay, it’s a tie, I can’t pick Nola or Miami, it’s like picking your favorite child. I also lived in Los Angeles so it only seemed fair to shout out that beautiful city as well with this perfect pink & orange patch. The pins are all pretty “beachy” in nature & they represent my love of the tropics. The evil eye, jet setter, surf, & hot tub club patches are all just tiny symbols of my personality and style. I think it’s important to mention that patches and pins don’t always have to have a sense of personal meaning or represent anything in particular (although, I think it’s cool when they do). My advice to you is simple: If you like it, use it.


| Moonstone Choker / Wrap Bracelet | Spike Necklace [similar] | Gold Bars Necklace | Blaine Bowen Rowen Lariat [sold out but similar linked |




| Click here for all the links to my patches & pins featured on this jacket |


The denim jacket is undoubtedly the focal point of my outfit so I paired it with a really simple yet classic black slip dress. This lightweight dress was also perfect given the climate in which I live. I added some sneakers for a super laid back vibe, but I could have just as easily paired this outfit with some strappy heels had I worn this outfit out at night. Since the look overall was pretty neutral, I added my fringe bag in this amazing “royal, cobalt, purple, holy hell I don’t know what this is called, all I know is I love it” color. Last but not least, in true form, I finished everything off with a pile of my favorite jewelry. I stacked up the dainty gold necklaces, paired a few of my favorite beaded bracelets together, went with simple gold stud earrings & topped it off with an anklet, which has slowly but surely become a signature accessory of mine.


| Cobalt Fringe Bag | Silver Sneakers [identical pair without studs] | Aqua Tassel Bracelet | Denim Jacket | Black Slip Dress | Matte Tortoise Sunglasses |


At first glance this is a pretty standard outfit in that there is nothing too revolutionary about it. However, my favorite part of style lies in the details, the small accents that make your outfit “you.” Honestly, that’s likely why I love the idea of patches so much. There are a million jean jackets out there but when you put your own personal flair on one it’s now transformed into something unique. I hope you guys picked up a little inspiration to transform one of your own jackets, a pair of jeans, or even a top. As always, sending lots of beach vibes your way!

XX – Rachael

Photography: Christine Michelle Photography


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