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A few years ago I became acutely aware of a bad habit I had acquired. I would purchase a piece of clothing & never end up wearing it—ground breaking, I know. This is a problem I think we can all relate to in some way or another, but I was frustrated because I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. I liked the style of the item & the fit wasn’t off, so what was the issue? One day I was frustrated enough that I went into my closet, pulled out all of my favorite tanks, tees, tops, dresses, jackets, etc. I found myself staring at a sea of neutrals, muted greens, deep blues, metallic accents, & citrus-inspired hues of neon. Although the act of purging my closet took considerably longer, it took about 0.2 seconds for the metaphorical light bulb to go off… I realized that it was all about the color.

After I had come to this simple realization, I then had to painstakingly hang it all back up, but that’s not the point & I should probably let that memory go. This represented a major turning point in how I shopped for myself. Since identifying my favorite colors to wear or my “power colors,” I have loved my wardrobe that much more. It’s also allowed for a much more cohesive closet & it’s helped me hone in on colors that really complement my personal style.

| Cowrie Shell Bracelet | Raffia Clutch – HM |

| Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters |

There are a thousand articles on how to identify your own personal “power colors” based on your skin tone, eye color, hair color, etc., but I don’t think you need to necessarily live by any specific set of rules. What I am talking about is a little more effortless than that. Take me for example, I break one of the major “fashion rules” all the time. I wear white pants year round & have zero guilt about it. I do this because, firstly, I live in a tropical climate & secondly, because I was born with a rebellious heart. To put it simply, I think identifying your own power colors requires asking yourself a few questions: “What colors do you just love looking at?” “What colors make you happy?” and “What colors do you look like a certified fox in?” You might also consider asking yourself “What colors do I buy that I never end up wearing?” and  “What colors wash me out?” After answering these questions myself, I regretfully admit that one of the colors I can’t wear is mustard, and it’s not for a lack of trying. Actually, I envy anyone who can pull that one particular color off. #jelly.

By this time you’re probably thinking “Wow, that’s all great but what the hell does all this have to do with the jumpsuit pictured?” Well, that’s a great question, so glad you asked. During my color journey, another one of my “power colors” just happened to be this very shade of fiery orange-red. Ironically enough, it was also a color that I didn’t typically gravitate to in the past. So, in the process of eliminating some colors from my wardrobe, I opened up the door for a few more new options as well.

SummerofDianeMiamiFashionBlogPhotographyBloggerPhotographerWynwoodStreetStyle-116[1]| Heels – Steve Madden (sold out) |

| Jumpsuit – Free People  (on sale!) |

Let me just say that you can also wear every single color, hue, tone, shade, & tint under the sun if that’s what rocks your socks. If you’re having the same issue I was, however, figuring out your “go-to” color(s) can prove extremely useful. I hope this helps you as the fall season approaches when you’re out shopping for some new pieces. As always, sending lots of beach vibes your way!

XX – Rachael

Photography: Christine Michelle Photography

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